AHA Giveback

Welcome to AHA Giveback

This page is dedicated to all the amazing fundraising that AHA and our customers support and offers people a chance see who they are helping when they purchase an AHA Giveback piece of art.

I have always been a big believer of giving back, of helping others who need it. I see it as a responsibility and an obligation to acknowledge those who work around the clock to make a big big difference in the world, a real difference.

My whole mission for AHA Giveback was to raise awareness and the much needed funds for these incredible charities through my art. Although I have committed to donating 50% of the proceeds from each of these pieces to the chosen charity, it is my amazing customers that make this a reality. Each piece is unique and allows people to proudly hang their limited edition print in their homes and know they have helped an incredible organisation by doing so. 

So when you see a new piece released on my instagram or website, and it has AHA Giveback linked to it, you can rest assured that together our commitment to giveback to the world is honoured. 


CHI - Children's Hospital Crumlin - BUNNY

This one is a very special piece. It’s for Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin. A few months ago Beau was admitted to Crumlin for a couple of nights. Thankfully she is absolutely fine, but being in there with her was a huge eye opener for us. Seeing the little babies that are so unwell and the tired and worried parents day after day is honestly so so heartbreaking. The nurses and doctors and all the frontline teams are truly angels. I knew when we brought Beau home I had to do something for these children. So I started painting BUNNY. I chose a bunny because every baby and child we know has their little ‘bunny’ they become so attached to as their little comfort teddy so this felt like a good fit for the little ones. A piece for their rooms to soothe them. 50% of all sales will go to Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin to help equip frontline teams to provide world class transformative care giving the little patience the very best chance. This piece is currently available until sold out, and along with our amazing customers we hope to raise as much as we can and send it straight to the children who need it 💜




Breast Cancer Ireland - PEACHES

Another pair of fabulous boobs for a very worthy cause. A year after painting FEMME, I wanted to create another pair of boobs to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Ireland. This particular piece is called PEACHES. As you all know, October is awareness month, so please please get checked.

I have come to really enjoy painting my version of beautiful boobies and I thought, let’s see if we can raise some funds for them again. Last year we sold out and together with all who got involved we sent a fantastic cheque to Breast Cancer Ireland. I'm hoping along with all you guys, we can all come together and do it again this year. The limited edition pieces are available on my home page, so please show your support if you can.



Breast Cancer Ireland - FEMME

Breast Cancer Ireland is an incredible charity. The work they do is litterally outstanding. From research, to education, to awareness, to events, including the famous Great Pink Run, the difference they make to people's lives is something to truly celebrate. The only thing more incredible than all of this is that the entire charity is run by just two amazing woman, Aisling Hurley and Samantha McGregor.



Last year I painted FEMME in support of Breast Cancer Ireland. As many of you know, my best friend Georgie Crawford is a survivor of breast cancer, and an ambassador for Breast Cancer Ireland, and after hearing how they supported her through her continued journey to recovery, I was compelled to show my support. With the help of all my amazing customers, together we were able to raise over €20,000 for them. 


World WildLife Foundation - KOKO

 WWF is another charity I wanted all of us to come together to create an opportunity to help. When I saw the footage of the Australian Bushfires in 2020, and the devastating effect it had on there wildlife and their habitats, I immediately wanted to get involved in the way I know best, painting. That week KOKO was born, it was the first campaign of its size, and the huge support from AHA customers really excelled this campaign into the limelight. Together we were able to raise over $32,000AUD (€20,000) which was graciously received by the Australian Ambassador for Ireland in the Australian Embassy.